G I S   t a i l o r - m a d e  i n c.

Because spatial data are always special

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GIS tailor-made is a GIS company specialising in Geographic Information Systems specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. GIS tailor-made is operating internationally and has its residence in the Philippines. With our unique combination of highly skilled and motivated staff in the Philippines and our international experience, we are able to offer you a unique range of services.

We specialize in those elements of GIS that are time and labour consuming such as the digitizing of paper data and data conversion. We do the hard work and that offers you the possibility to focus on the work that really matters. We cooperate closely with local GIS companies and we are able to be fast and flexible in our services.

We offer amongst others the following services:

  • Digitizing paper maps
  • Building spatial datasets
  • Building spatial websites
  • GIS training
  • Project management
GIS tailor-made has gained much experience in both applying GIS and training staff in GIS and spatial information in a broad range of organizations worldwide. We are experienced in using ArcGIS, Arcview, Manifold and Quantum GIS.

At GIS-tailor made we believe that spatial data and processes are unique. Always. We’d be delighted to offer a GIS tailor made solution to you.

GIS tailor-made, Ubo Pakes, Email: ubo@gis-tm.com, Skype: ubo_pakes
Phone: +63 908 276 37 29 (Philippines)
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