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Our Projects

To give you an indication on the type of services GIS tailor-made is able to deliver, we would like to give you an overview of our recent projects. Would you like to know more about one of the projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

GIS concepts training

Quezon City is embarking on a traject where they will implement GIS in all departments and our partner Geoplan is developing a web based viewer. In order to give all departments a jump start in GIS we have designed and delivered a one way training on GIS concepts. With presentations and exercises all participants obtained a good overview of GIS and it possibilities

Tailor-made training

For a group of manager of GIZ and their partners we have designed and delivered a GIS training without computers. In this one day training the participants learned what GIS is, how it works and which factors contribute to successful GIS projects. The training concluded with new trends in GIS and different ways of participatory projects.

Map Viewer development

The GIZ decentralization program wanted to support the planners at municipal and provincial level in the provinces of Leyte and Southern Leyte with an easy to use Map Viewer. After a number of workshops with he stakeholders, GIS tailor-made has developed this viewer using the TatukGIS SDK and Firebird as database. The project was done in cooperation with our local partner Geoplan. The viewer is now being eyed for implementation in other provinces

Cultural Mapping

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation is supporting Cebu City with the development of a digital map of its cultural heritage. Using participatory mapping techniques, the barangays are collecting the relevant date themselves. GIS tailor-made is involved in GPS trainings and as GIS consultant.

Data Collection

A French insurance company is performing a risk assessment in South Asia. Especially for the Philippines, it turned out difficult to collect the necessary spatial and census data. GIS tailor-made was invited to collect and process census data at several administrative layers and combine them so that they can be easily imported into their GIS system.

Information sharing

For the development of the new annual plans, UNICEF in the Philippines wanted to inform it's staff on new developments on IT and mapping. We have prepared a workshop on WEB2.0 and participatory mapping that gave rise to many discussions. The presentation was repeated later for DSWDD staff from all regions in the Philippines

GIS education

The University of San Carlos wanted to upgrade its curriculum on archeaology with GIS and GPS but did not have the expertise to design and deliver the curriculum. In a team teaching effort we have added GIS and GPS in the curriculum and topped that with highy appreciated field work in the north of Cebu.

Study tours

The vocational landscape in Vietnam is changing fast. The schools need to be more responsive in the needs of the world of work, not only in a national, but also in an international context. This means that the teaching activities need to be more module based, more learning oriented One way to increase the learning curve of the teachers and show them success stories is by visiting a neighboring country that has a successful vocational education system. Since the Philippines are will known for their educational system, GIS tailor-made organized two study tours to the Philippines

Tailor-made training

A student finished his studies in Marine Biology and wanted to pursue a PHD. Since there are limited possibilities to learn GIS in the educational system of the Philippines, he asked GIS tailor-made for help. We designed a tailor-made training that gave him sufficient background knowledge on the theory and some practical issues on GIS that he will be able to formulate a research proposal that integrated GIS into marine biology.

Chief Technical Advisor for the Voctech project

The VocTech Program improves and strengthens a Demand-driven Agro-Forestry Vocational Education System in Vietnam . Beneficiaries are nine forestry vocational and secondary technical forestry schools under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development and the coordinating OPD office in MARD. GIS tailor-made is proud to participate in this project by delivering a visiting CTA. The changes that we were able to push trough in the program made this a success story according to the donor. Read here an article in their newsletter.

Monitoring Changes

A training on the principles of monitoring and the use of the tailor-made application marked the start of a first co-operation with a Dutch partner. The relationship is developing ever since and has become steady. These projects are done in close co-operation with Geoplan Cebu Foundation.

GIS training for staff of Prefecture Dolj, Craiova, Romania

On behalf of partner Van Hall-Larenstein University of professional Education, GIS tailor-made performs a tailor-made GIS training in Romania. The project done within the “Partners voor Water” programme is spearheaded by the “RPS groep” in the Netherlands.

Combining several GIS data of a boating atlas

in the Netherlands was in need of one GIS dataset that contains all the data of their paper version of the “Vaaratlas” (boating atlas). GIS tailor-made combined several layers and datasets without mutual key-items into one file.

Partner search Thailand

For one of it’s educational programs Van Hall Larenstein University of professional Education needed a partner in Thailand. GIS tailor-made has used it’s regional presence and conducted a partner search


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