G I S   t a i l o r - m a d e  i n c.

Because spatial data are always special



Where can you find us?

Our world is getting smaller. Because of email, Skype, and other types of communication around the globe has become very easy. This means that you will have no problem reaching us wherever you are.

We are located in Cebu City, a booming, bustling metropolis with over three million people. With an international airport, a sea port and many international companies and investors, the utilities such as electricity, internet and phone are as reliable as anywhere. There are no less than 6 Universities and the professional population are fluent in English. Thanks to its location, it is safe from tropical hazards as typhoons.

The time difference between Europe and the Philippines is 6 to 8 hours. This means that by the time your working day starts, we have been up and running for hours. This means that you can easily reach us in the morning. Call us in the afternoon, and you’ll have an answer the next morning.

Using skype you can reach us for free, but of course you can also reach by phone, email or fax. Using specialized courier services, all your documents and files can be sent around the globe both fast and reliable.

Curious where we are? Download here a Google Earth Placemark and find us!


GIS tailor-made, Ubo Pakes, Email: ubo@gis-tm.com, Skype: ubo_pakes
Phone: +63 920 613 3904 (Philippines) and +31 085 0020847 (Netherlands)