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GIS tailor-made resources

At GIS tailor-made we do not believe in just doing a project or training. We're not happy when you are just continuing doing your old work after one of our trainings. We think that our activities should have an impact. Be it in working more effective, be it getting more excited in your work. Over time we have done some work which can be found on-line. We are proud and excited about this work and we would like to share this with you:

Do you want some time to reflex and read about the possibilities that GIS tailor-made has to offer? Please download our brochure and read whenever it suits you best!
:: doc/gistm-brochure.pdf

Maybe it is our joint background in Engineering and Social Sciences, but we are getting more and more exited about participatory mapping. There are more and more tools for community participation and we have tested a few. No matter if you want to use an adroid cellphone, facebook or twitter, we can integrate these tools in participatory mapping and mobile data collection. Did this make you as excited as we are and maybe a little curious? Have a look at this poster!
:: doc/participatory.jpg

A news article on the annual GIS Day Celebration in Maasin City, The Philippines where Ubo Pakes was one of the speakers .

:: GIS day Maasin

At the Regional Development Talk in Iloilo City organized by the Department of Interrior and Local Government, we presented a Map Viewer that we have developed for GIZ

:: Region 6 DEV talk

Outsourcing of highly specialized computer services can be done very successful. With proper preparation and good communication it can and will be beneficial for all parties. Read more about this here in Vi Matrix (in Dutch).

:: VI Matrix on GIS outsourcing

In this newsletter from NUFFIC you can find some information in the VocTech Program in Vietnam. GIS tailor-made supplied the Chief Technical Adviser that helped creating this successstory.
NPT success story: VocTech

One of the biggest compliments is when others write about your article in National Newspapers. This is also a great example work by Leny Ocasiones that really has an impact.

A press release on the start of GIS tailor-made in the Dutch GIS magazine. It also featured on their website and in their emailing (in Dutch).

It is a good thing when your trainees are so happy with the organized activities that they are using the website of their organization to give a report. This tailor-made GIS training was organized by Van Hall Larenstein.

A short overview of the activities and the background of this training can be found here

That the donor appreciated our efforts shows their news letter:

We think that GIS should be supporting the working field where it is applied. Here is a poster where Ubo Pakes did both the GIS activities as well as the project management for an ecological research in the Netherlands .

Here is an article on using elevation models for flood protection to which Ubo Pakes contributed

In 1997 Ubo Pakes presented a paper in the annual ESRI user conference in San Diego on the use of GIS for one dimensional river modeling.

The article in Dutch that opened the road for the presentation at the Annual ESRI User Conference (see previous item)

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