G I S   t a i l o r - m a d e  i n c.

Because spatial data are always special



Our Services

We would like to introduce our services. Since we work closely with experienced GIS and software companies, we provide a service that is fast, flexible and efficient. That includes other services than the ones listed here. We are called GIS tailor-made for a reason: do contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Digitizing paper data

Many spatial data only exist on paper. In order to be used in GIS these plans, designs and maps need to be digital. Digitizing these documents is both time and labour consuming.  We can take these jobs out of your hands so that you can focus on working with these data instead of creating them.

Have you thought of generating automated procedures for data conversion? Contact us for possibilities.

Building spatial datasets

Even when the digital data are present, there is still much to gain when these are logically built, organised and checked. Having a logical and checked spatial databases, complete with the necessary meta-information enhances greatly the value of your data. We approach information strategically, and tailor that precisely to your needs.

Training and education

GIS tailor-made has a lot experience in defining, designing and delivering GIS trainings. We think that it is important not only to learn to learn a programme, but knowing how, when and why to use spatial information in your organisation. This is why our training is always tailored to your needs and if possible with your data. No matter whether it is a one day workshop or a six week intensive training course, we make it work for you!

International co-operation

With our network in South East Asia, we are able to help you in may ways. In your project we can be your partner, trainer or consultant. We can also help you in finding the partner you need to make your business a success.



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