G I S   t a i l o r - m a d e  i n c.

Because spatial data are always special



Our Staff

GIS tailor-made is managed by two people who both have a lot of experience in GIS and in research.
We co-operate with a number of other parties in order to tailor our services to your needs.

Ing. Ubo Pakes

Ubo Pakes started his GIS career in 1991. He has extensive experience with the use of GIS in ground and surface modelling and for ecological purposes.

At van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education in the Netherlands he gained experience with consultancy and GIS education in a broad range of organisations. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in elsewhere Europe (Belgium, Croatia, Romania) and in the Far East (Philippines, Indonesia)

His expertise is in structuring and managing GIS projects, especially when complex spatial analysis is needed. He is also highly experienced in the design and delivery of tailor made training solutions.


Dr. Leny G. Ocasiones

Leny Ocasiones holds a PhD in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of San Carlos and has extensive experience in sociological research and gender studies. Since she also teaches at the University of San Carlos, she has a broad network with both universities and NGOs in the region.

She is very experienced in the design en delivery of training and participatory processes, especially with local government and NGOs. She is also a member of the GIS team for social sciences at the University of San Carlos.



GIS tailor-made, Ubo Pakes, Email: ubo@gis-tm.com, Skype: ubo_pakes
Phone: +63 908 276 37 29 (Philippines)